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Final finish

Wine cork stoppers are normally printed according to clients’ specifications. We use two types of marking:

-printed ink marking, and
-traditional fire-heated iron marking.

Further, each cork is additionally marked with our quality guarantee: a “V”, our registered trademark.

After branding, corks have a final coating of paraffin and silicone for easier insertion and extraction from the bottle, while at the same time improving sealing capacity.

Once manufacturing is over, cork stoppers are packed into company-branded plastic bags. The bags are filled with a sanitized gas (that stops the growth of any microbiological agents) and hermetically sealed.

The bags are packed up into cardboard boxes. The cork stoppers are then ready to be shipped to the customer.

Health and Safety at work

Throughout the whole manufacturing process we take great care to ensure the HSE standards are in place and enforced, from harvesting to shipping.