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We exist to serve our customers

We continuously endeavor to satisfy each of our customers. The Veiga de Macedo group companies work as one entity to make sure all needs and expectations of our customers are met and we can achieve them quickly.

Your orders and our control-Our in-house QC laboratory checks thoroughly the characteristics of the end product. The laboratory carries out a series of tests according to the function and type of the cork stopper, not forgetting your specific needs. Some examples of our testing abilities include, the sealing test, extraction, compression, elastic recovery and corking, torsion, boiling resistance test, sensorial and microbiological analysis, dimensional and hygrometric analysis, solid residues and oxidants monitoring.
These quality controls are performed and recorded in reports that can be accessed in any customer order. This is an important component of our ability to trace back any fault in quality or defect.
We have close ties with the CTCOR- Portugal’s most influential laboratory for cork R&D, to whom we sub-contract special and more complex analysis that may be required. We advise our customers on the most suitable cork type for their product. When advising we consider mainly the neck design and dimensions of the bottle. Dedication and persevarence have been paying off: this is why senior Management at Veiga de Macedo is pretty much hands on the job!