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Strategic investments at the end of the 1970’s made a dream come true: buying an estate that enabled us to manage in house the cork oak tree forest! Since then, we never looked back.

Over the years we have been carefully planting and gaining knowledge, experience and developing unique skill that enabled us to obtain the best cork harvests.

Today we are proud to say that our strategic vision in the 70’s and its deployment have yielded excellent results and, above all, added value to our customers.

The quality of the raw material has improved significantly (over 25%). The average grade- -there too -we saw the benefits- it is now in greater harmony with the demands of our customers.We have good working relationships with other cork estate owners and producers who look upon us with considerable respect, particularly with regards to our well-established techniques of


managing our cork oak estates.
The joint work is important as we aim endlessly to meet (and exceed) the demands of our customers.

Our cork tree plantations enjoy one of the best geographical locations in the world. It comes as no surprise that Portugal is the world’s largest producer and exporter of cork, with over 50% of all the cork produced in the world.

Our investment and dedication also makes our raw material supply amongst the most homogeneous and stable sources in the world.

This allows us in turn to process this high quality raw material into natural cork stoppers of exceptionally consistent characteristics.

Our strategic vision and deployment have started -after more than 25 years- to yield excellent results i n quality and assurance of supply.

We believe caring for the environment is crucial at every step of our business.

We know we depend on it.
Our cork oak forests contribute to the economy and ecology of the countries around the Mediterranean sea.
For us, taking care of the environment is not an overhead, but an essential part of our activity is ensuring a sustainable future.

At Veiga de Macedo Group, we have started a number of environmentally friendly projects, such as:
We were the first company in the industry to build our own in-house water treatment and to get permission from the Portuguese Department for the Environment to release the treated water into the sewage system. Our water treatment facility meets or exceeds the standards of the bylaws.

All our waste products are sent to specialist companies for further treatment.

Air emissions from our furnace are purified in a multiciclone particle separator.

We are an ISO 9001 certified company.

We follow the European Cork Federation, “International Code of Cork Stopper Manufacturing Practices” (C.E.Liège, www.celiege.com).

Our cork plantations are continously inspected and monitored by the forestry authorities.

We are members of APCOR - Portuguese Cork Association (www.corkmasters.com).

We are members of CTCOR - Portugal’s most influential laboratory development dedicated to cork research and development (www.ctcor.com).

We have a good relationship with CINCORK - The professional cork skills training body (www.cincork.org).