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We inherent a tradition from our family: the know-how of producing quality cork.

Just like our great grandparents 125 years ago we dedicate our lives to producing and selling cork and its derivatives.
For the first 100 years of our business we mainly focused on one product: the natural cork stopper. Our goal is and has always been the same: provide the best products for our customers. Our experience of over a century showed we can offer superior quality and add value by integrating vertically our activities: from the forest to the consumer. We also produce several other types of natural cork products for various industries.

It is our passion,

Our presence is global: typically 85% of about 6.5M euro of our annual income originates from business overseas.
We produce a range of cork stoppers including wine, champagne and malt whisky stoppers. We also provide a number of other cork products

for various industries matching our customers needs.number of other cork products for various industries matching our customers needs.

And, it is the future.

Cork as a natural product has fascinating properties.
Over the years we have improved the sealing properties of the cork to make sure our customer products are kept at their best for years to come.
We see a bright future ahead of us.
We continuously monitor developments in the drinks business and are confident we will stay at the forefront of the business providing the highest quality natural cork stoppers. We know we have to keep improving, invest in technology, research and development and our staff: our most important asset. We believe the cork industry has a bright future ahead.
Portugal is not only the biggest producer of cork, but also the greatest manufacturer of cork products in the world.
J.A.Veiga de Macedo, S.A. is proud to be one of the oldest companies in the cork industry.