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It is both with passion and accountability that we manufacture and test all of our finished goods, specially, the cork stopper.
We take extra care in all stages of production. From harvesting in Alentejo, through processing in Santa Maria de Lamas, all the way to cork-finished stock, ready to be shipped to our valued customers.

A sustainable process from raw-material to end product

Cork is the outer bark of the evergreen cork oak (Quercus suber L).The cork oak is truly unique: it is the only tree species in the world that enables harvesting of its bark -the cork- growing back again. It is from its trunk and main branches that the cork raw material is extracted. The cork oak tree takes 25 to 30 years to grow to a trunk circumference of 70 cm and 120 cm tall, stage from which it becomes legally possible for cork harvesting. A cork oak tree is able to yield bark strippings for a period of 150 to 200 years, with bark harvestings every 9 years from the 1st bark stripping of “cortiça virgem”.
Did you know that a cork oak forest with 80 to 90 years old is considered a young forest?

The cork estate

Our cork oak tree estates in Alentejo are scrupulously managed, taking into consideration all lawsaiming at protecting this special oak tree -o Sobreiro- of “irreprehensible social value”. As cork oak estate owners, we represent a considerable amout of cork raw material supplies. For that same reason we are able to guaranty the quality of our finished goods.
Hence, we have gained considerable expertise in treating our own cork oak estates with extreme care that yield the greatest of qualities achievable. Our investments are of long-term nature, just like the life span of the cork oal - up to 200 years in longevity.

We make extensive use of natural techniques from seed selection and crossbreeding in all our estates to achieve the intended breed refinements over the years.
We also use natural (cultural) methods of pruning as, for instance, recommended by the Portuguese Cork Association (APCOR).

Bark Stripping and Preparation

It often takes over 30 years before wine-quality cork can be harvested. Once it takes place, there are several stages in the preparation for further processing. Firstly, the cork planks are transported to our repository, carefully selected and stored, where they relax and settle, prior to boiling, where the production process can be initiated.