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The Production Process

There are a series of operations in the production process that are critical in producing good quality corks. After extracting the cork barks they are carefully selected and criteriously stored in J.A. Veiga de Macedo S.A. warehouse. The cork is left to relax and settle for a period of approximately one year. It enables the cork to mature before the boiling process. Boiling takes place when the cork planks are immersed in a bath of boiling mineral water at about 100 degree Celsius for one hour and 30 minutes. It enables the cork to be:

-free from hydro-soluble substances.
-increase their elasticity and softness.

With primary boiling we obtain a cork that is tannin free and is dimensionally greater.
This is also a process overseen and legislated by the “Código Internacional das Práticas Rolheiras, (CIPR)”. Mindless to say, code to which we fully comply.
After the boiling process the planks follow a period of stabilization in storage until the cork gains the desired consistency for further processing. Stabilization can take two to three weeks. Once finished, the cork barks are criteriously traced into different qualities.
After tracing, the cork is ready for further processing to become a natural cork stopper.