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Cork Stopper Manufacturing

The manufacturing process of the natural cork stopper involves many mechanical operations, including stripping the cork bark, punching, drying, dimensional rectification and quality selection.
To produce a high quality finished product, all of these operations require highly skilled professionals.
For example, before stripping each cork plank, the thickness and quality of the plank has to be analysed. Prior to manual punching, each operator checks individual cork slices inspecting the aspect of the plank strippings backside surface, the imperfections of the core and probes the stripping. All these preparations to make sure we obtain the best quality in cork stoppers.
This operation gives rise to other cork products. The cork refuse is recycled, and used as raw material for granulated products for several industries:

- Agglomerated cork stoppers (Fizzy wine industry)
- Agglomerated cork planks (Civil Engineering)
- Other special products.