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Quality Control

The class quality sorting process is made using various methods on a continuous basis. At our manufacturing plant in Santa Maria de Lamas, from the beginning of manufacturing, all the way to packaged goods, several quality control checks take place.

We also scrutinize closely the quality our raw materials used in manufacture.
This has become the “gold standard”, as originally introduced by our QC department.

We view this department as critical in obtaining finished products of high quality and technical characteristics.
Besides, our products have been recognized for there excellence by external bodies.

Our quest for Total Quality Control (TQC) is also supported by our in-house laboratory, equipped with the lastest technology.
The lab also develops a wide range of analysis and testing for our customers, the wine companies. It also carries out research activities of strategic importance to find out ways to enhance our cork qualities.
Finally, the quality of all the sub-products used (i.e.chemicals), prescribing and implementing instructions, as well as HSE at work, all of which fall under the remit of our laboratory.